August 12: Calgary Franco festival

August 7: Calgary Heritage festival organized by Calgary Folk Arts Council

June 17: World Folklore Festival

May 7: Zabava Dance Family and Friends Get-together Event 2023

April 29: Multicultural Music and Dance Festival


August 13: Calgary Franco festival

August 1: Calgary Heritage festival organized by Calgary Folk Arts Council


May 9: Victory day virtual event


August 5: Heritage Day Performance at Olympic Plaza

JULY 1: Canada Day Performance at Safary Lodge: Mayor @nenshi kicking off Canada Day celebrations at the Seniors Breakfast.

MAY 9: Victory Day Concert


DECEMBER 2: Christmas fair

SEPTEMBER 29:Alberta Cultural Days

MAY 9: Victory Day Concert

MAY 6: Mother's Day Concert

FEBRUARY 3,7,9: Russian culture introduction before Eugene Onegin opera at Jubilee Auditorium 


NOVEMBER 19: Russian Christmas festival

OCTOBER 1: Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) Conference

JULY 1: Canada Day Performance at Safary Lodge

AUGUST 7: Heritage Day Performance at Olympic Plaza


NOVEMBER 24: Performance at SAIT

MAY 9: Victory Day Concert


October 30: Performance at TESL Conference, Like Louise

JUNE 9: Opening Reception for Global Petroleum Show 

MAY 9: Victory Day Concert 

APRIL 18: Russian Orthodox Spring Fair 

APRIL 10, 11: Russian Masters: Stravinsky’s Firebird at Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra 

FEBRUARY 14: Chinese New Year Carnival 2015



NOVEMBER 9: Fundraising concert Calgary is our city 

AUGUST 2: Heritage Festival (Edmonton)  

MAY 31: Asian Heritage Month Gala 2013  

MAY 10: Victory Day Concert


MAY 3, 2014

Дорогие друзья!

3 Мая 2014 года Забава отметила знаменательное событие в своей истории, 10-ти летний юбилей группы.

Мы долго готовились к этому важному моменту, очень волновались, но мероприятие прошло с большим успехом.

Было очень приятно вновь увидеть всех Вас, наших зрителей, вспомнить всместе с вами всю нашу историю, все самые интересные и важные моменты и вехи в истории группы. Но замечательнее всего было представить Вашему вниманию все наши уже полюбившиеся и новые танцы. 

Мы получили огромное удовольстие от этого вечера и, судя по теплому приему наших зрителей, концерт очень всем понравиля. Спасибо всем кто пришел разделить этот момент с нами, также огромное спасибо за все Ваши теплые отзывы и комментарии.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию фото/видео репортаж с нашего 10-летнего юбилея. Приятного просмотра!

Dear Friends!

On May 3, 2014 "Zabava" celebrated a significant event in its history, 10th anniversary of the group.

We worked hard to prepare for this important moment  and it was a great success.

It was wonderful to see all of you, our beloved audience, again, to recall the most interesting and important milestones in the history of the group. 

The most precious was the opportunity to present to your attention once more all our well established and new dances. 

We enjoyed this evening very much. Judging by the warm welcome of the audience, they loved our concert. Thank you to all who came to share this moment with us. Many thanks for all your warm and lovely after-concert comments.

Below are then video link for Zabava's 10-year anniversary concert. Please enjoy!


APRIL 27: International Dance Day 

APRIL 17: Samovar Show


MAY 25: Asian Heritage Month Gala 2013

MAY 11: Russian Orthodox Spring Fair

MAY 5: Victory Day Concert

APRI 27: International Dance Day


SEPTEMBER 27:Olympic Oval Gala 


APRIL 21: Russian Orthodox Spring Fair

MARCH 3: Canyon Meadows Retirement Center


OCTOBER 15: Russian Orthodox Church Fundraiser

AUGUST 2: Heritage Day Festival (Calgary)

JULY 29: CityTV, Breakfast TV 

MAY 8: Victory Day Concert

APRIL 29: International Dance Day

APRIL 9: Yuri's Night 


AUGUST 2: Heritage Day Festival (Calgary)

JULY 31: Heritage Festival (Edmonton) 

MAY 9: Victory Day Concert

APRIL 24: International Dance Day


SEPTEMBER 12: Spruce Meadows: Festival of Nations

JULY 1: Canada Day Celebration at Calgary Fort and the Zoo "Safari Lodge" 

JUNE 6: Lilac Festival

MAY 2:: Zabava presents: Russian Mosaic Evening of Russian folk dance and music. 

APRIL 26: International Dance Day


SEPTEMBER 10: Dance season begins

AUGUST 30-31: Kimberley International Dance festival

APRIL 26: International Dance Day 

FEBRUARY 23: Maslenitsa celebration organized by Slavyansky Club and Russian Dance Group "Zabava"

FEBRUARY 10: Calgary WinterFest Multicultural Celebration 2008


DECEMBER 6: First Thursday Roving Christmas Market

OCTOBER 20: 1st Annual Around the World Gala in support of the International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre building fund

SEPTEMBER 1-2: Kimberley International Dance Festival

JUNE 2: Mosaic Community Cultural Festival, Central Memorial Park

APRIL 28: International Dance Day, Eau Claire Market 

APRIL14-15: Performance at Dukhobor community, Saskatoon

FEBRUARY 11: WinterFest 2007, Village Square Leisure Centre 

JANUARY 13: Children's New Year Party, organized by Slavyansky Club


MAY: Lilac Festival

APRIL: International Dance Day, Eau Claire Market 

FEBRUARY: WinterFest 2006, Village Square Leisure Centre 


NOVEMBER: CANADA versus RUSSIA hokey game

MAY 25: Royal Visit and Alberta's centennial celebrations 

MAY 14: Spring Celebration Party, organized by Slavyansky Club

FEBRUARY: WinterFest 2005, Village Square Leisure Centre 

JANUARY:Tsunami Relief Concert


OCTOBER, 23: Yarmarka, organized by Slavyansky Club